If you have traveled in Italy you have probably seen one of these coffee making devices.  The device is called a Moka and it makes strong little cups of coffee that I recently heard referred to as stovetop espresso.

how to use a moka

Italians don’t drink the big, long cups of coffee that we do, theirs are smaller and stronger. When I’m using my moka I make a coffee that is somewhere in the middle. Be advised that coffee made in a moka, or stovetop espresso, is strong!

The first time I rented an apartment in Italy I couldn’t for the life of me figure this thing out. The apartment’s cleaning lady had to come over and show me how to do it!


how to use a moka

Saturday morning coffee and cupcakes with my dear friend, photographer Kristina Wood.

Traditional mokas come in an octagonal shape. Mine is a little more modern looking, and was a gift from my dear friend Anna Maria, when I was staying at her beautiful home in Varese.


how to use a moka

A moka breaks down to 3 pieces.


how to use a moka

The base, a funnel looking filter basket, and the body or caraf of the moka.

The first step is to fill the base with water.

how to use a moka

Next put the filter funnel into the base.

how to use a moka

how to use a moka


Put a couple of table spoons of coffee into the filter basket, and  don’t pack it down hard. I let it sit loosely in the basket.


how to use a moka

I recommend using Italian coffee. I use Illy or Lavazza Crema E Gusto . Normally I buy Illy Moka, but I couldn’t find any in the local stores today, so had to buy Espresso instead. You can order both coffees here and here on Amazon.


how to use a moka

The body or carafe of the moka  screws onto the base.

how to use a moka

Now sit it on the stove over a medium high flame.


how to use a moka


The water in the base is going to boil, and push up through the funnel, through the filter in the base of the top section of the moka, and will fill up in the top section.


how to use a moka

And now we wait…

how to use a moka

I periodically check it so that it doesn’t end up spitting out over the stove.

I normally find the handle gets quite hot, so I use a cloth when I take it off the stove and pour it. I’m sure I just run the flame on the stove too high, but old habits die hard, and this is just how I do it!

how to use a moka

I cheat quite often, putting it in a medium sized cup and adding a little boiling water, so that I can have a slightly longer coffee. Just don’t tell my Italian friends….

Once you get the swing of this you will be hooked. Moka, or stovetop espresso is so incredibly good!

Where to buy a Moka

You can find Moka coffee makers online: The Bialetti 3 Cup Moka at Bloomingdale’s here , Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker at Amazon.com here and the Primula Stovetop Espresso Maker at Target, here.

Where to buy Italian Coffee

Find illy Medium Roast Ground Moka Coffee for Stovetop Coffeemakers here
and Lavazza 2 Pack Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee here

All images in this post are courtesy of KristinaBeth.Photography

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how to make coffee in a moka
stovetop espresso how to use a moka
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If you have been reading this blog for a while then you probably already know that I am the Beauty Director for Luca Magazine.


madelaine petsch luca magazine


That means I am responsible for the beauty content in the magazine. One of the things I do is produce and direct the beauty editorials in each issue. I have to be on top of beauty trends, know what is happening in makeup, design the shoots, choose the models the photographer and the crew, and put it all together.

I’m pretty much obsessed with the beauty editorial in the new issue! This is the Luca Magazine Fall 2017 issue with gorgeous Madelaine Petsch from the show Riverdale on the cover.

Today I’m going to give you a breakdown on the products I used for one of the looks in the beauty editorial. I am including affiliate links to the products.

Luca Magazine Fall 2017 Graphic Liner Story

The story behind this look was using a graphic liner to create accent to the outer corners of the eye. To keep the focus on the eye I needed to keep everything else neutral, and make the complexion as creamy and gorgeous as possible.


fall 2017 makeup trends luca magazine

Luca Magazine Fall 2017 Beauty Photographed by Brad Olson, Makeup by Corinna Cooke


The most important step to creating a really lovely makeup is prepping and priming the skin beneath. To create a truly delicious complexion I started with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream over well cleansed skin, to hydrate, nourish, and give a healthy glow. I let it settle for a couple of minutes, then used Marc Jacobs Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer followed by Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator  along the cheekbones. I like to work it into the skin so that I get a soft, candlelit glow effect.

I balanced out the skin with a little  Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. This is one of my favorite foundations because it is so pigmented that you only need a tiny amount, and it is a silicone base so it gives the skin a healthy glow. The last step to creating a perfect complexion was adding some Makeup Forever Cream Blush in shade 225.

On the eyes I started with MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, applied in a sheer coat from lash-line to brow to create a nice, even base all over. Next I layered a vanilla-nude matte shadow over the paint pot taking it from the lash-line to the brow to solidify the base. I cut the crease with a mid-toned neutral to give the eye some definition. (You can buff it out or leave it really defined – the look works either way.)

With the eye shaped and defined, starting in the middle of the eye, deep into the lashes, I added a crisp liner to the outer corners, giving it a little flick at the ends. I didn’t want a full blown cat eye, so just gave it enough of a flick to lift the outer corners of the eye. I used Makeup Forever Aquablack liner with a fine brush so that I could keep the line nice and sharp.

On the lower lash line I kept a clean liner that slightly went into the waterline. The trick is to keep the eye looking sleek without making it look like the model is squinting.



To keep the eye looking awake I added a pale eye shadow in slightly shimmery finish to the inner corners.

I finished the eye with layers of my favorite Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara by Marc Jacobs, really focusing on the outer corners and adding a sweep to the lash line.

For this look I wanted all the attention to go to the eye, so I kept the lip pretty and luscious but soft with Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Kidman’s Kiss.

You can find Charlotte Tilbury products online at CharlotteTilbury.com

Marc Jacobs Beauty products are available online at MarcJacobsBeauty.com

Makeup Forever products are available online at Sephora.com

Luca Magazine is available nationwide at Barnes and Noble. Subscriptions and digital downloads are available at LucaMagazine.com

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US


Fall 2018 Makeup Trends Luca Magazine
fall 2018 makeup trends Luca Magazine
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This incredible post came to me via Pinterest, from MyDomaine.com.

I so wholeheartedly agree with every item on this list, and although I have already accomplished many of these things it really made me stop and think about those that I haven’t. It also made me stop and think about several that I have done, but that I did a long time ago.

Egypt was forever ago, as was Russia. Should I go back? What about a long train ride? I read about a fantastic one that Bill Bryson took from Melbourne to Perth in his completely hilarious book In a Sunburned Country (linked here on Amazon). I always thought that would be an amazing travel experience to have.

Should I go on a Safari before it’s too late? Should I go to Antartica, even though I hate the cold?

One of my massive travel regrets, that is now undo-able, at least in my lifetime, is that I didn’t travel to Syria. A lifetime ago when I lived in London I met loads of fellow travelers who took trips to Syria. They came back with amazing stories of Damascus and the tiled buildings in Aleppo. Some found isolated villages and were able to stay for weeks teaching the local kids English. There stories were just mesmerizing! At the time I planned to one day go to Syria, but I missed the chance when I had it.

With that in mind, and with never knowing how quickly the world can change, I hope you will read this article, written by Julia Millay Walsh for MyDomaine.com, and act on it sooner than later.

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18 Travel Goals Everyone Should Have

Life is long, and so is our travel bucket list. Oh, the places we’ll go! We’ve got plenty of destinations on our agenda, but in addition to the “wheres,” there are many activities we hope to take part in when we travel. Read on for 18 travel goals we think everyone should have on their list, from wandering through ancient ruins to speaking a foreign language.


Allianz Travel Insurance

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Camp in a National Park

 Camp in a National Park

There’s a reason the government owns national parks: The land is truly something. Plan a camping trip, and get up close and personal with the landscape; take in all its untouched beauty. If you’re not into hiking Half Dome, you can just set up camp, have a cookout, and stargaze—no need to scale mountains if that’s not your thing.

See the Wonders of the World

See the Wonders of the World



Claire Thomas via National Geographic

Of the original ancient seven wonders of the world, there’s only one still standing: the Great Pyramid of Giza. But there are plenty of new lists to explore: the new seven wonders of the world (which include the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, and the Taj Mahal) or the seven wonders of nature (which include Table Mountain, Halong Bay, the Amazon, etc.). Check a few off and you’re just getting started.

Improve Your Photography Skills

Improve Your Photography Skills

Travel is the ultimate opportunity to develop your photography skills. You don’t have to own a crazy-expensive DSLR camera (if you do, great!), but whatever kind of lens you’re working with, take it to the next level. Look out for patterns and colors. Be thoughtful about your composition. Wake up early to catch that gorgeous morning light.

See Wildlife You’ve Never Seen Before

See Wildlife You’ve Never Seen Before


Jonne Seijdel

Depending on where you live in the world, flamingos may seem everyday and rhinoceros might seem basic. Whatever creatures you haven’t laid eyes on, make a point to see them in their natural habitat. Visit the Falkland Islands and meet the rockhopper penguins. Travel to the Galapagos and say hello to a blue-footed booby.

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Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

As Plato put it (or maybe it was John Watson), we are all fighting a hard battle. Give yourself a break and do it up right for once. Save up for months and splurge a little so you can afford that five-star hotel room that costs nearly a month’s rent. And when you’re there, treat yourself to a proper experience. Order room service. Get a massage at the spa. Read the newspaper in the lobby. Enjoy every passing moment—you deserve it.

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