Right now I am back in Tuscany with a new group of women on their Glam Italia Tour. Are you following us on Instagram? You can follow me @Corinnamakeup or watch our hashtag #GlamItaliaTour

As you travel around Europe you encounter lots of different rules surrounding food. From country to country there are different customs and rules. I get emails from Afar.com each day, and they recently sent me this article. It’s too cool not to share!


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The Weirdest Food Rules From Around Europe

Your table manners may not be as good as you think they are when you bring them to a different country. (See original article here)

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

The Glam Italia tour is back in Rome now. Are you following us on Instagram? Follow me @Corinnamakeup or look for #GlamItaliaTour and catch us day by day doing fun and fabulous things!

Even though she is actually from Naples, I always associate Sophia Loren with Rome. So it’s fitting today that while we are tooling around the eternal city my blog is showing  images of one of the most iconic women in the world.

Enjoy Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren Marriage Italian Style

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

Iconic Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

with husband Carlo Ponti

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

Marcello Mastroanni and Sophia Loren

Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren Marcello Mastroanni

with Marcello Mastroanni

Iconic Sophia Loren

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US








I’m back in Italy now, leading the 2017 Glam Italia Tours. Are you following us on Instagram?

If you are following us in real time, today we are on our way to one of my favorite cities in the world, Rome. I am always deliriously excited to get back to the eternal city, so it seems appropriate that today’s blog post is all about some absolutely delicious Italian words and phrases to wrap your tongue around. These came to me a few years ago via Buzzfeed, and were put together by Luke Lewis.

Remember ~ everything sounds better in Italian!

16 Luscious Italian Words And Phrases You Need In Your Life


unsplash.com / Via Joshua Earle

unsplash.com / Via Alex Wong

unsplash.com / Via Milada Vigerova

unsplash.com / Via Lechon Kirb

unsplash.com / Via Padurariu Alexandru

Jens Mayer / Via unsplash.com

unsplash.com / Via Olu Eletu

unsplash.com / Via Elijah Hail

unsplash.com / Via Morgan Sessions

unsplash.com / Via Joshua Earle

unsplash.com / Via Jordan Sanchez

unsplash.com / Via Caleb Thal

unsplash.com / Via Shlomit Wolf

unsplash.com / Via Margot Pandone

unsplash.com / Via Todd Quackenbush

unsplash.com / Via Volkan Olmez
Luke Lewis is BuzzFeed’s Head of European Growth and is based in London.

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Luscious Italian Words and Phrases