Need a quick makeup pick me up to get you feeling gorgeous on your way out the office door to happy hour?

I have a plan for you! I originally shot this story for the Summer 2017 issue of Luca Magazine, and now that it’s on the newsstands I can share it with you here. This post contains affiliate links.

Stila Magnificent Metallic Liquid Eye Shadow

image by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine. Makeup by Corinna Cooke

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Summer is here, and that means legs are out, we’re wearing sleeveless tops and swimsuits, skin is bared.

girl white swimsuit pool

image by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine. Makeup by Corinna Cooke

For most of us that means dealing with (and removing!) unwanted hair. There are several options when it comes to hair removal and we want to know the pros and the cons of each, so I asked a specialist, Sandra Caldwell from Blume Skin Centre in Scottsdale for the low down.

This post originally appeared in one of my beauty columns in Luca Magazine

Hair, we all have it, which is the best way to get rid of it?


The basic option for hair removal is shaving with disposable razors. The typical women’s razor can be bought at drug stores in conjunction with shaving cream and post-shave moisturizers for around $25 a month. Most women shave every day or every other day, depending on the how dense the hair is or your how fast the hair grows. At a glance, shaving isn’t a bad deal at around 83 cents and 10 minutes each day. However, after ten years, that adds up to $3,000 and around 27 ½ days of lost personal time. Shaving also has some uncomfortable complications including cuts, irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

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Waxing treatments involve a visit to a salon or wax center. The technician spreads a thin layer of wax on the body area and then quickly rips it off in the opposite direction. Women usually try waxing because the results last longer than shaving. If you can acclimate yourself to the pain of waxing, the treatment will give you up to three weeks of no stubble, without the fuss of daily shaving. One of the requirements for waxing is that the hair must be at least ¼” long. That means before you receive a waxing treatment, you must allow your hair to grow and be visible for a week or more. If you have delicate skin, the wax can burn or cause inflammation. The cost of waxing varies. A full leg waxing costs around $65, while the bikini area can cost an extra $50. Depending on treatment area size, hair density, and the type of wax used it can take up to 40 minutes per visit. The

results show that waxing is efficient time-wise compared to shaving, but much costlier. The cost of waxing legs for ten years is over $6,500 with total time of 2 ½ days plus travel time to the salon.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction can be the most effective treatment for getting rid of hair on large or small areas of the body. The upfront cost for Laser Hair Reduction is greater that shaving or waxing, but the long-term cost is much less than either. With Laser Hair Reduction, you shave prior to each treatment, so there is no need to ever have visible hair growth. Laser Hair Reduction has some discomfort- it feels like a hot rubber band snap. Thankfully, the treatment is very quick with cold air blowing on your skin to relieve the brief pain. It takes an average of 8 sessions of Laser Hair Reduction to nearly or completely remove body hair, with full legs costing around $2,800 for the series. The time commitment is around 45 minutes per treatment, or a total of 6 hours for eight treatments plus travel time. The $2,800 up front seems like a large sum, but once you completed the treatment that is usually all you will ever need for that area. The average woman will want to have a maintenance touch up laser reduction treatment once every year. No more shaving, plucking, razor burn, or waiting for hair to grow out for waxing.

When you compare the cost, time, and effort of the three methods of hair removal, Laser Hair Reduction saves time and money. The true benefit from Laser Hair Reduction is freedom!

Sandra Caldwell is the Director of Blume Skin and Body is Scottsdale Arizona

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self tanners

image by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine

You and I both know that tanning beds and lying out in the sun working on a tan are dangerous. Not only are they are the high speed way to fast track the aging process, they also boost your chances of getting skin cancer.

We want to avoid sun damage, especially the terminal kind, but nothing looks more gorgeous during summer than a golden glowing tan

So what’s a girl to do? The obvious answer is to do a fake-bake, but that can be fraught with its own set of perils. Patchy cover, color that’s too orange, that awful smell!

One of my besties, Sarah san Marco, is a professional airbrush tanner, so in the interest of perfecting the ultimate fake-bake I asked her to give me the low down. This post contains affiliate links

How do you prevent getting orange instead of tan?

The most common mistakes are using too much product or trying to achieve a level of tan that is too dark for your skin tone. Another reason is using a product with the wrong undertone for your skin


self tanners

image by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine

What about the smell? Self tanners are notorious for being stinky – can you get rid of the smell?

DHA, a main ingredient in many sunless tanning products, needed to create the bronze hue, combined with the sugars in your skin are responsible for that icky smell. Solutions containing a higher content of chemicals, or non-organic materials tend to have a longer and more potent odor. You can minimize the odor by using organic-based products that are naturally scented with essential oils (instead of artificial fragrances).

It may still be a little smelly when it’s applied, but it rinses off when the developing phase is over., Inc.

 What do you do if your self tan is streaky/patchy/blotchy?

The only way to ensure your tan will develop properly and evenly is to make sure your skin is in optimal condition prior to tanning. Keep your skin extra hydrated in the days leading up to your tan. The day of your tan exfoliate your skin, paying extra attention to elbows and knees, heels and ankles, and do not wear any lotions/creams, makeup, deodorant or any other product that can prevent the solution from properly penetrating through the skin. Use a barrier cream on knees, elbows, ankles and heels to stop too much product from grabbing there.

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What is the difference between a spray tanning booth and an airbrush tan?

A professional tanning artist will ensure the products being used are designed specifically for your unique skin tone, and will control how much product is being applied and where. They also know how to camouflage and accentuate certain areas by using custom contouring techniques that cannot be accomplished in a spray tanning booth. A good artist can camouflage tan lines, scars and even cellulite!

Read about facial self tanners here

How long should a self tan/airbrush tan last? How can we prolong it?

As long as you have followed your pre and post tanning instructions properly, an airbrush tan should last 5-10 days. Taking long, hot showers and baths, and swimming and certain body products can cause a tan to fade more quickly. Pat dry after showers rather than rubbing with a towel, and always apply a body lotion after bathing.


Sarah San Marco has a mobile airbrush tanning business, keeping models, celebrities, brides and regular gals golden, in the privacy of their own home.

The images in this post feature airbrush tanning by Sarah San Marco

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