Sometimes the best looks are the easiest looks. Or the easiest looks are the best looks!

fall makeup trends statement lips

Image of Fall Makeup Trends via Luca Magazine

This huge makeup trend for fall 2017 is one of my absolute all-time favorite makeup looks, and is also my personal go-to look, the Statement Lip. Making the focal point of your look a big, bold, glorious lip is one of the fastest ways to look fabulous, effortlessly.

The Statement  Lip gives you a way to look polished when you don’t have a lot of time.

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5 Tricks To Pull Off The Statement Lip

You need to have some tricks up your sleeve in order to pull off this look.

  1. Create a creamy complexion. Stay away from heavy or powdery foundations, instead choose something that makes the skin glow and look pretty.
  2. Use a soft blush. Keep all the power in your lip, and scale back the cheek to a neutral, soft shade.
  3. Balance the lip with a soft brow. Avoid hideous Instagram-style eyebrows, but do add some depth to your brow, making them a little more defined and adding a little extra color.
  4.  Accent the lashes. Add a few coats of really great, high volume mascara. My top four high volume mascaras are Clarins Supra Lash, Diorshow Blackout, Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.
  5. Choose your texture wisely. Statement lips don’t look so good in high gloss. Choose a matte finish or a satin finish. Longwear formulations are fantastic for a bold, statement lip.

Who Can Wear The Statement Lip

The Statement Lip really works best on slightly fuller lips. If your lips are thin, a bold lip may not be your best choice.

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Best and Worst airports in america

I have certain airports that I will not use, no matter what. My most loathed airport in the USA is Chicago O’Hare, largely because in all my years of flying I have never had a successful connection through O’Hare. On the occasions I have had to fly through O’Hare something always goes wrong, whether its delayed flights, planes not arriving, missed connections. Its a nightmare! (If you want to really screw up travel plans, fly United through O’Hare. They are the devil’s duo). No matter how many hundred dollars I can save by flying to Europe through O’Hare I never ever do it.

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I do disagree with Smarter Travel about some of the items on this list though. I think LAX Tom Bradley terminal is just fantastic. I am thrilled to route any flight through there,and often I start my international flights at LAX. One thing I always notice when using the Bradley terminal is that the workers smile at you. They are polite and friendly. A couple of years ago I flew from Rome to JFK, where everyone was rude and angry, shouting at travelers and being as difficult as humanly possible. Four days later I flew to Australia from LAX and thought I was in a different country! None of the TSA agents or airport workers were hostile, everyone had a smile, and I watched them being friendly and helpful to everyone.

Phoenix Sky Harbor should also be on the good list. Apart from the fact that its my home airport (I live in Phoenix), Sky Harbor is an incredibly efficient, easy to navigate, very well appointed, thoroughly modern airport. I always consider myself very lucky to have this as my home airport.

I do use Philly frequently too, routing out to Italy via Philadelphia, but unfortunately I usually get routed home via JFK. In my experience Philadelphia has a pretty modern facility, is functional, and I’ve never had a problem.

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If you do have travel on the horizon, especially international travel, check out this article before you book your flights. With international travel you often have options on which airports you want to route through, and having a little knowledge ahead of booking your flights can be incredibly helpful, and save you a massive headache. If you do have to use one of the bad airports when flying internationally make sure you have travel insurance to cover you for lost luggage and missed international connections. I use Allianz insurance for all my international travel.

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The 10 Worst Airports In America

By Tim Winship for Smarter Travel

As any road warrior worth his or her rollaboard will tell you, the country’s airports are no friendlier than its skies. Ancient terminal buildings, threadbare carpets, stinky restrooms, poorly designed crowd control, sparse seating, unappetizing food concessions… the list of travelers’ gripes is a long one.

And that’s on top of last year’s results, which showed the average traveler-satisfaction score rising from 725 in 2015 (on a 1,000-point scale) to 731. Even that modest uptick was encouraging, given the 5 percent increase in airport traffic and the sky-high wait times at security checkpoints earlier that year.

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The study scored airports on a combination of six factors: terminal facilities, airport accessibility, security check, baggage claim, check-in/baggage check, and terminal shopping. Based on those criteria, the 10 highest-rated airports were as follows:

  1. Sacramento International Airport
  2. Indianapolis International Airport
  3. Anchorage International Airport
  4. Jacksonville International Airport
  5. Palm Beach International Airport
  6. John Wayne Airport
  7. Tampa International Airport
  8. Southwest Florida International Airport
  9. Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  10. Dallas Love Field

And the bottom 10 (worst first):

  1. LaGuardia Airport
  2. Newark Liberty International Airport
  3. Los Angeles International Airport
  4. Philadelphia International Airport
  5. Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
  6. Chicago O’Hare International Airport
  7. Honolulu International Airport
  8. JFK International Airport
  9. Boston Logan International Airport
  10. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

It’s worth noting that the three lowest-ranked airports are currently undergoing massive construction projects, which can’t help but impede traffic and generally make navigating those airports a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

Of course, when the projects are completed, flying to or from those airports—and indeed most airports—will still be frustrating and time-consuming, just less so.


What are your best and worst airports? Tell me in the comment section below!

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Jennifer Lopez fabulous In Her 40s

Do you ever wonder how celebrities in their 40’s manage to look so good? Apart from having teams of experts to take care of their skin, their nutrition, their makeup and their hair, they tend to follow these 8 makeup tips for women in their 40’s, keeping them looking youthful and radiant.

And by the way, 40 is the new 30…

8 Makeup Tips For Women In Their 40’s

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Before you even think about putting on makeup you need to think about the skin underneath. If you apply makeup to undernourished/dry skin it is going to suck any moisture out of your foundation and leave you looking  both drier and older. Neither of which is the look we are going for! Make sure your skin is well moisturized and that you apply a liberal coating of eye cream, but also apply a serum or facial oil.

Color Correct.

One of the most aging things you can do is use the wrong undertoned shade of concealer and foundation. Either you are a cool tone (pink undertone) or a warm tone (olive/yellow undertone). You must use concealer and foundations with your undertone. The End. I’ve seen all kinds of nonsense out there on the interwebs telling women they need yellow toned makeup. If you are JLo, yes, if you don’t have an olive/yellow/latin toned skin, hell no!

Choose Your Texture.

The most flattering textures for women in their 40’s+ are creamy textures. I personally use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I’m a cool tone, so I use the honey shade. In my pro makeup kit I use ginger on my warm toned ladies and honey on the cool toned girls.

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If you are in your 40’s (or any other age) avoid crushed mineral powder foundations like the plague. Their dry finish is very aging, they tend to be quite opaque which stops light passing through, and they flash back a ton of white from the titanium dioxide SPF. Instead look for a silicone based foundation like Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I think this is perhaps the loveliest foundation I have ever used. I use it in my pro makeup kit and I use it on myself. (I also use Makeup For Ever Water Blend Face and Body Foundation) Ultra HD has a silicone base, so it reflects light and makes the skin glow. It also makes the skin look smoother and fresher. Ultra HD is insanely pigmented and concentrated, so you use a very small amount.

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Use A Light Touch

Heavily applied makeup doesn’t do anyone any favors. Use a light touch and aim for the sheerest application of your makeup products. Just enough to give you the coverage you need, and nothing more.

Creamy Blush

Keeping with the soft, glowy complexion, use a cream blush instead of a powder. If you are not comfortable with a cream blush then make sure your powder blush doesn’t have any sparkle or shimmer to it (super aging). Choose a blush with a soft finish that is in your color group. (Remember cool tone vs warm tone.) Blue based pinks tend to be quite aging, so if you are a cool toned girl and want something pink look for a warm pinky-nude rather than a barbie doll blue pink.

Fill In Your Brow.

As we age our brow hairs get thinner and more sparse, so gently adding back color and structure to the brow can be the fountain of youth. Most importantly, ignore everything you see on Instagram and Your Tube – don’t create heavy, squared off brows! Apply a pencil like Anastasia of Beverly Hill Brow Definer using soft hair-like strokes. Enhance the brow but don’t overwhelm it.

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Ease Up On The Liner.

You are still going to use eyeliner, but you need to be aware that the heavy liner looks that are so killer on girls in their 20’s are really aging on girls in their 40’s. Use eyeliner for definition rather than drama. Instead of black eyeliner opt for a dark espresso brown. It will give the same effect but wont be quite so harsh.

Lighten The Lip.

The most aging thing you can do is wear a dark lip. Look for lighter and brighter colors instead. If you are wearing nude lips, choose a warm pinky nude. Don’t go paler than your natural lip color (super aging!) instead choose a color 2 or 3 shades deeper than your lip color, this will enhance and define your lip. Mattes can be very aging, soft satin finishes are incredibly flattering. Tom Ford MoistureCore Lip Color is both hydrating and has a satin finish.

Image result for tom ford moisturecore, Inc.