Tatcha gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

This is quite possibly the very best enzyme product ever. Tatcha’s Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

I hadn’t used this one in a while but a full sized jar was in my Spring 2017 Zoe Report Box Of Style, so I got to fall in love with it all over again!

I am really not a fan of facial scrub style exfoliators. The way I see it although scrubs scour away the top layer of skin (like a brillo pad), they also rough up the baby skin underneath, so you can wind up in an endless cycle of rough skin.

Tatcha gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

Enzyme exfoliators like the Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder from Tatcha act like pac-man on the surface of the skin, eating away the dead cells on the surface and leaving the baby skin underneath soft and supple and glowing.

This one is so easy to use too. You simply wet your face and hands, pour about a teaspoon full (from the little spout in the jar) into your hands and gently work it into your skin. It’s not rough or gritty, and when it activates with water it has a slightly fizzy, foamy feel to it.

It’s the perfect spring-cleaning product for your skin, ridding your complexion of winter’s detritus and leaving you fresh faced and gorgeous!

Tatcha gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

Tatcha packaging is beautiful and tells the stories of ancient geisha beauty routines

Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder is ideal for normal to dry skins.


I’m also excited because Tatcha is releasing a water cream soon! Water creams are fabulous lightweight, oil free moisturizers that super-boost your skin’s hydration. Tatcha Water Cream is nutrient rich, and full of anti aging Japanese super-foods. I can’t wait for it to come out.







netflix nd chill essentialsI’m super excited! It’s Friday, and after weeks on end of working non stop, and working lots of nights, finally I have a night when I can stay home, throw on some comfy clothes, light some candles, and kick back for a little Netflix and Chill session.

I don’t get too many nights home, alone, with a chance to just chill, so I’m really looking forward to it, and making a list of my Netflix and Chill Essentials.

Comfy Clothes.

If you’re going to chill out on the couch you have to start with something super comfy to wear. You just cannot beat a really great pair of yoga pants. I love Spiritual Gangster Namaste Arch Yoga Leggings. I get them at YogaOutlet.com.

When you’re chilling on the couch in yoga pants you need an oversized tshirt and some fluffy socks to complete the outfit. I’ve also been looking online at the PJ sets from Adore Me. I particularly like the Suri PJ set – it looks super comfy too.


A Hydrating Face Mask

If I’m chilling on the couch with a movie I’m probably going to have a facial mask on. I always love extra hydration, so rather than a clay mask that I have to get up and wash off, I always opt for giving my skin a good soak with some yummy hydration like this Eve Lom Moisture Mask.


A Throw Rug

The sofa has to have pillows and a throw. Not negotiable. I love this Mongolian Faux Fur Throw from Nordstrom.


A Glass Of Wine.

Depending on my mood I will either have a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a glass of red. One of my girlfriends turned me onto this sulphite free organic red from Trader Joes called Well Read. It’s under $10, tastes great, and without sulphites it’s headache free. If I’m doing the red (which I probably will), I will also channel my inner Olivia Pope and do some popcorn as well.

I’ve been buying Trader Joe’s organic popcorn kernals and cooking them with a little olive oil. I love home made popcorn.


The room has to have candles. Before Christmas I bought a paper star light at IKEA, and it’s one of my favorite things. It gives off a soft, yellow gold light that looks lovely with candles. I always have to have candles burning when I’m at home. My latest favorite is a Jo Malone Basil and Neroli. It makes me think of Italy. I always have lots of plain candles too, so the fragrance doesn’t get lost among too many smells.

The Playlist.

I have loads of options in my queue, (largely because I seldom get time to watch any of them), but I think tonight I will watch either Cairo Time with Patricia Clarkson or Mademoiselle C, one of my absolute favorites, about Carine Roitfeld and her CR Fashion Book.

What are your favorite shows on Netflix? I need something new to binge on…


You deserve an extraordinary life. It’s time to wake up to your full potential.

Okay, you got my attention right there!

I read this article on Career Girl Daily a while back and loved it. It is taken from The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod. This book shows you how to completely change your life, as well as achieve all of your goals by following Elrod’s 6 Simple Steps, steps that happen before 8am. If you are like me and crave extra sleep in the morning, don’t worry – it only takes  a few minutes!

Six Things You Should Do Before 6 A.M

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glowing skin, perfect eyebrows

image by J Hannah

In the book The Miracle Morning the author Hal Elrod advocates that everyone should wake up at 5am or a few hours before they normally do to achieve a sense of calm before the storm (which is the work day ahead).

He mentions a six minute morning routine for busy people, that you can do daily to help you start your day positively and therefore making you a more productive and positive person. These six practices were called Life S.A.V.E.R.S. They are:







These are the tips that he shares with the readers which will help them fulfill their potential and is the magic formula for success in not only work but also in your personal life too. Waking up for some people is an easy task, but then there are people like myself who are night owls.

After looking into Elrod’s book the one thing that we can all get from waking up early is less stress! You only have to look at the reviews to see how well this book has done. Here are a couple of the tips you should try to do before 8am, see how it makes you feel!

1. Silence

In the book Elrod says, “If you want to immediately reduce your stress levels, to begin each day with the kind of calm, clarity, and peace of mind that will allow you to stay focused on what’s most important in your life”

We are always looking at a screen which is a constant stimulation of our brains and these days we find it difficult to just be silent. In the book, the key to a perfect morning is to take some time to be in silence, whether that be to meditate or just to sit down and sip on a cup of tea, enjoy your own company and think about the day ahead of you.

2. Affirmations

People tend to think affirmations don’t work, and Hal believes that’s because too many people believe affirmations that they’re a money magnet will give them cash, or similar. He shatters the belief that by asking for the things you want, you’ll get them. Instead he says: “Science has proven that affirmations, when done correctly, are an effective tool for quickly becoming the person you need to be to achieve everything you want in your life. Nonetheless, affirmations also have a bad rap. Many have tried them only to be disappointed, with little or no results.”

“The more specific your actions are, the better. Be sure to include frequency (how often), quantity (how many), and precise times frames (what times you’ll begin and end your activities)”

He also says you should repeat them morning and evening with emotion!

3. Visualizations 

“You close your eyes, or you look at your vision board, and you visualize. Your Visualization could include your goals, what it will look and feel like when you reach them. You visualize the day going perfectly, see yourself enjoying your work, smiling and laughing with your family, or your significant other, and easily accomplishing all that you intend to accomplish for that day. You see what it will look like, you feel what it will feel like, and you experience the joy of what you will create…”

4. Exercise

One thing to take away from this book is the importance of exercise in the morning. Elrod says, “Morning exercise should be a staple in your daily rituals. When you exercise for even a few minutes every morning it significantly boosts your energy, enhances your health, improves self-confidence and emotional well-being, and enables you to think better and concentrate longer.”

5. Reading

As we are all getting busier and nothing seems to be slowing down, we don’t seem to have dedicated time to enjoy a book, we are always reading on the tube or listening to an audio book whilst driving around. If you wake up early you can enjoy your book with a cup tea or coffee without being in a rush and dashing about everywhere trying to squeeze it in.

6. Scribing

Keeping a journal of your thoughts or dreams could help you see some patterns. There are some pretty journals out there which you could use to help document your life in any format you wish to. You could keep a 5-year journal, that way you can see all your thoughts over 5 years, which makes for an interesting read once you have completed it. It is a good way to channel your thoughts before you deal with the day ahead.

 the miracle morning by Hal Elrod

This original article was written for career Girl Daily by Chiara Perera. You can pick up a copy of The Miracle Morning here. The Miracle Morning is also available on any e-reader device with Amazon Kindle. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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